Zapier is a great tool to automate tasks by connecting different apps you use everyday. Using Zapier, you can connect your Getform form to  1500+ different apps to make your own automations to speedup your workflow.

In this post, we wanted to share with you the most common Zaps used with Getform. Here's the list of most popular Zaps and use cases:

Google Services

  1. Store submissions in Google Sheets

2. Send submissions to Gmail or send auto-replies from Gmail

3. Create new folders on Google Drive from Getform submissions

4. Send Google Calendar invites for meetings

5. Add new customers as Google Contacts


6. Send submissions to Slack channels

7. Share submissions with specific team members based on responses

Mailchimp & Mandrill

8. Add new customers to specific lists on Mandrill/Mailchimp

9. Send emails on Mandrill for new Getform submissions

10. Tag customers based on form submissions

11.  Send email campaigns based on Getform submissions


12. Create new Trello cards for each Getform submission

13. Update cards based on new form submissions


14. Update Salesforce opportunities with each submission

15. Create new opportunities from submissions

16. Add new contacts to your  lead lists.


17. Save entries as text files

18. Upload files from submissions

Other Services

19. Create new Airtable records when new Getform submissions are received

20. Send Tweets from new Getform Submissions

21. Create Basecamp 3 projects from Getform submissions

22. Create PDF and Word docs on WebMerge from new submission files.

23. Add new Getform submissions to Xero as new invoices

24. Send messages on Intercom for new submissions on Getform

25. Send Twilio SMS notifications for Getform submissions.

We hope this gives you a good start on the power of automating your forms using Getform's Zapier integration . If you want to see the full list of use cases, visit Getform's integration here.

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