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Hello fellows,

It has been more than 3 years since Getform has been launched for the first time on Product Hunt.  Throughout these years, thousands of forms have been created and millions of forms submissions have been handled by our users. We also have been collecting feedbacks and feature requests from you to deliver our services better.

Over the past couple of months, our team has been working hard researching and building the best form management experience for you. With Getform 2.0, we will be introducing a better user experience, advanced file management for your file uploads, Zapier integration and several other improvements. We have also completed our requirements for GDPR compatibility and getting ready to be a registered company in the United Kingdom.  

We are really excited to launch our new version very soon on Product Hunt and you can subscribe from the link below to get 2 months of Basic Pro Plan for FREE on the launch!

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Don't forget to confirm your email address if you are not a Product Hunt user or if the email address you use to subscribe is different than you use on Product Hunt. After you successfully subscribe to the launch, we will send you a reminder on the day of launch for how to activate your free premium subscription.

PS: If you are already a registered Getform user and subscribe to the launch with your Getform email address, your free premium subscription will be activated automatically on the day of launch.

Your friends at Getform,
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